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Steady-State Irradiation Chamber© Whole Building Air Disinfection System Designs

Company News:

Oct 2013

MolecuCare has arranged with the leading manufacturer of germicidal ultraviolet products in the United States, American Ultraviolet, to produce the Steady-State UV Irradiation Chamber© for HVAC use in commercial quantities (50 units); 800 288 9288.

A MolecuCare H-10 UV mold remediation unit operating inside the Yale School of Medicine cold room Sept 2012

Above: a prototype MolecuCare H-10 UV
mold remediation unit operating inside a research university's "cold room" (Sept 2012).

Disinfection Ahead of the Curve!

Mobile H-10 AIRGuard UV Air Disinfection system units in a New York City hospital

At left, roll-around H-10 AIRGuard© Consoles, intended primarily for intensive care, isolation, and emergency room needs and placed in several hospitals for long-term evaluation. 

These early UV air disinfection machines operate at air thru-put volumes measured up to 336 CFM, at a velocity up to 960 FPM, with a 230 millisecond excursion achieving bacteria, mold spore and virus kill rates of 99.98%-plus. These H-10 prototypes are mounted on six heavy duty casters for rapid placement as required and operate at full capacity on a single 115-120VAC power cord. On/Off, two-speed operation, and lamp monitoring functions are fully automatic.

See INDEPENDENT LABORATORY TEST RESULTS for additional specific performance data.

A Patented Combination of Proprietary UV DISINFECTION Technologies

Passing (flowing) air over, by or under ceiling fixtures or boxed filter or futuristic shaped devices containing ultraviolet lamps, filters, bars, etc., either does not kill microorganisms or only kills a "fool's-effort" number in comparison to the total microbe population in each square foot of indoor (or airplane cabin) air. The total airborne microbe population is in the order of ten to over several hundred millions times the average capture rate of current old-school UV devices. The billions of microbes in the air do not dock around a device to suit the imagination, or get ‘caught’ sufficiently to create the air disinfection result required.

Partial microbe-portion kill or filtering in a forced HVAC air duct system cannot be considered “whole building” protection. Removing some fish in the lake is far from rendering it fishless, and microbes are billions more abundant. These efforts to affect microbe status in the building do not and cannot remove the microbe challenge with the necessary second-to-second massive-kill performance mandated by the rate of air movement, of consistent fresh microbe generation, their resistance and multi-billion count presence.

Air Disinfection Module designs kill Aspergillus niger mold spores requiring 30-50 times the 100% kill-dose exposure levels of Tuberculosis or Anthrax bacilli.

The MolecuCare Steady-State Irradiation Chamber© designs utilize a patented combination of proprietary technologies: the unique design allows engineers to eliminate high-pressure filtration energy consumption while delivering true clinical standard sporicidal air disinfection in a single pass to an entire building. 

When the additional energy and horsepower requirements of HEPA filters are combined with the cost of HEPA filter replacement, MolecuCare designs cost less than using, cleaning and disposing of HEPA filters, while eliminating microbes too small for HEPA filters to capture.

MolecuCare Standard Module Controller
w/8-Foot Cable Air Disinfection Modules may be mounted in any orientation. A 12 x 12 x 3 inch Module Controller with 8 foot cable and remote ON/OFF I/O design is proposed for each Module: optional Lamp Status LED's and building control performance system feedback designs are available for all models. Prototype model shown.

1998 - 

Minneapolis Honeywell, upon testing early MolecuCare central UV air disinfection methods, declares in a 'White Paper' to the U.S. Military that "MolecuCare's UV technology is the only known bio-terrorist technology for ready use as a defense method".

Honeywell makes this judgment based upon tests and need for redundant kill in "hundreds to thousands of cubic feet of continuous air passage necessary to maintain air safety as opposed to 'HEPA' filters which decrease airflow and allow pathogens to pass unhindered." Honeywell reports a kill rate "thirty times that necessary to kill Anthrax spores in a fraction of a second exposure dose".

Subsequently, MolecuCare is invited to the Pentagon during the Anthrax mail saga. MolecuCare spends a year developing Anthrax protection for the Post Office working with the Postal Technologies Division of Lockheed Martin.

MolecuCare (then named "MRAD, Inc.") consults to Ft Detrick in removal of clean-up of deadly residual microbes of every description and number; MolecuCare signed an Affidavit assuring removal of all microbe life (see bottom of this page).

See History of MolecuCare

~ Proven instantaneous destruction of viruses, bacteria and mold spores requiring 30-50 times the kill-dose exposure levels of Tuberculosis or Anthrax bacilli

~ The only technology capable of maintaining true clinical standard disinfected air at any HVAC flow rate

~ Designed initially for hospital & clinical air disinfection; economical enough for and scalable for commercial & residential use

~ In 2001, MolecuCare patented the world's first combination water and air disinfection system: in 2003, Canada issued a patent for MolecuCare's new ultraviolet water sterilization technology.

A favorite quote from our Founder: "An important scientific innovation rarely makes its way by gradually winning over and converting its opponents. What does happen is that its opponents gradually die out and the growing generation is familiarized with the idea from the beginning." -- Max Planck, 1858-1947, The Philosophy of Physics, 1936

Below left, an early (circa 1994) MolecuCare design, the "Virucidal Chamber" dental/surgical gloved-hand sterilizer: this design lead to development of the Prosthetix© Article Sterilizer (right).

The A-MOP, an early MolecuCare UV hand sterilizing design

Prototype of The Prosthetix(C) Article Sterilizer

Above right, is the world’s only instant in-and-out, (6 second cycle) "first surface" sterilizer (all exposed surface only). This device does not require toxic agents as a kill-method to achieve sterilization: article "first surface" sterilization, however complex the surface may be, does not require high temperature energy, but operates at ambient room temperature. Developed for use in prosthetic and transplant surgical procedures (dental prosthetics and burrs, heart valve, Pacemaker, bone inserts, joint hardware, etc).

This unit was tested on dental prosthetics and small articles (syringes, glassware, and sundry hygienic, infant and personal care articles). Extended tests at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry acclaimed this device as "the best sterilizer performance ever studied". Below: Excerpts from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers tests of early MolecuCare MRAD ("Modular Return Air Disinfection") Steady-State Ultraviolet Air Disinfection Modules.


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